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There are the following steps to make the pottery and clay products -
different varieties of clay is obtained for sieving
composition of clay is remaining different in different type of pottery items
clay is cut vertically to remove the foreign particles
the lump of clay is given different forms by using thumbs and fingers
clay sheets are placed on the moulds of plaster of paris
clay articles are subjected to open and close firing with husk and cow-dung
The wheel is used to bound the mixture of clay with husk and creepers
the potter shapes the clay article using both of hands while the wheel is rotating
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The Chinese ERP market is one of the significant and important segment in the CHinese economy itself because after the decade of 80s, it has started to evolve. It has achieved significant growth in between of the 2000 and 2001. Like - It was holding the value of the 70 million dollars in 2000 and coming to 2001 it was the worth of the 100 million USDs.
There is a huge opportunity in this asian country and one after one, many ERP vendors have come subsequently like - SAP, oracle, netsuite etc. In chinese market, there are 6 major chinese companies are trending and they are holding approximately more than 50% and major foreign companies have already achieved more than 25% market share.
Today in any time of company, the real access and storage of data is as well important to all of the administrators and business affiliates. With this the demand of the real information systems (ERP) have got success in demand. After the globalization, businesses adopting ERPs have been able to get more than 60% reduction in cost in Chinese economy.
With the proper implementation and uses of the ERP software, any company can convert the market challenges into competitive advantage. Proper monitoring and analysis of data provides the base for proper decision making for administrators. This will help in achieving the competitive advantage.
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