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There are the following steps to make the pottery and clay products -
different varieties of clay is obtained for sieving
composition of clay is remaining different in different type of pottery items
clay is cut vertically to remove the foreign particles
the lump of clay is given different forms by using thumbs and fingers
clay sheets are placed on the moulds of plaster of paris
clay articles are subjected to open and close firing with husk and cow-dung
The wheel is used to bound the mixture of clay with husk and creepers
the potter shapes the clay article using both of hands while the wheel is rotating
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Modules of LITEROM -
1. Administrator Module
2. Users Rights Management
3. Students/Teachers/officers/Other staff profile management
4. Time Table Management
5. Students/ Teachers/ Officers / Other staff I Cards Management
6. Examination (Academic Record) Management
7. Alumni Management
8. School’s Global Settings for each module
9. Admission Management
10. Attendance Management
11. Fees Management
12. Vehicle (School Bus) Management
13. Library Management
14. Stock (Inventory Management
15. Asset Management
16. Purchase Management
17. Health Management
18. Hostel Management
19. Gate Security Management
20. Transport Management
21. Front Office Management
22. HR / Payroll Management
23. Accounts Management
24. SMS Management (Attendance updates to parents, Fees Updates, Academic Updates)
25. Data Synchronization (Online/Offline)

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