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There are the following steps to make the pottery and clay products -
different varieties of clay is obtained for sieving
composition of clay is remaining different in different type of pottery items
clay is cut vertically to remove the foreign particles
the lump of clay is given different forms by using thumbs and fingers
clay sheets are placed on the moulds of plaster of paris
clay articles are subjected to open and close firing with husk and cow-dung
The wheel is used to bound the mixture of clay with husk and creepers
the potter shapes the clay article using both of hands while the wheel is rotating
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SWOT analysis of Indian toy industry -
Strength -
increasing customer demand and rise of per capita income
Availability of raw material
Lower cost of labours
High skill of labours
Wide range of products
Less overhead cost
proper foreign market increasing opportunities
Weaknesses -
lack of proper research and development facilities
tiny toy industry size and low production
No technical knowledge
highly quality specific designers are not available
absent proper training and development institutions
quality parameters are not followed
opportunities -
well developed market conditions at domestic or international level
increasing support of government
easy buy and make decisions.
deals with multinational companies due to lower cost
growing capacity of buying in customers
toys are a better way of education
Threats -
threats of competitors like China
slow response and delay to international level quality parameters
no edge over competitive electronic toys
decreasing scope of toys because of internet and software games
Low level of operational functionality
increasing share of china in international market

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